A world of furry puppets

The Characters of the Muppet Show


The LeaderKermit the Frog


The First LadyMiss Piggy


The Funny Guy Fozzie the Bear


The LoserGonzo

Swedish Cook

The Swedish CookThe Swedish Cook


Kermit The Frog

Comes from the swamps of Mississippi

Kermit is a very joyful but stressfull frog. He can be very playful with his friends sometimes and also very sarcastic. He loves biking and has a very delicate way to do it. He is leading the Muppet Show and tries to handle things the best he can with his little sticky hands.

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Miss Piggy

A real diva after all !

This Lady is Kermit's wife, that makes her the first lady of the Muppet Show. She is a very strong sow with big karate skills. She is very jealous and protects her man at all costs. She's the lead singer and showgirl of the Muppets.

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Fozzie the Bear

Intellectuaaaaaaaaal !

He's famous for his sens of humour, he does believe he's the funniest guy in the Muppet Show, and in fact, he is maybe. Maybe. But nobody quite thinks that way. He's used to execute poorly comic presentations inbetween other shows. Thanks to his Ma, at least there's someone laughing at his jokes.

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The rocket man

Indeed, he's the first creature in The Muppet Show who has tested the rocket man show. He has tried many times shooting himself within the air. With approximate results. He almost died numerous times. Fun fact, one day he got his arms stretched like a rope. He calls himself Gonzo The Great.

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The Swedish Cook

"Jag ska laga denna levande kyckling"

We don't really know much about The Swedish Chef, because no one can really understand him except Kermit. He's supposed to be a chef but everything that he tries to cook end up being a catastrophe. Sometimes it feels like God is against him, because his own ingredients are...alive.

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